Meet the Beatle: A Guide to Ringo Starr's Solo Career in 20 Songs

A crash course in the last 45 years of the most under-appreciated Beatle

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"Wrack My Brain" (1981)

In 1980, Starr was hopeful for a comeback. Lennon had written two great songs for him and George Harrison offered up a third. But the former's tunes quickly became off-limits after his murder in December: A demo of "Nobody Told Me" was set aside to become a posthumous Lennon hit and the playful country tune "Life Begins at 40" was now gruesomely inappropriate. As for Harrison's contribution, he kept "All Those Years Ago," revamped as a tribute to his late bandmate, and offered Starr this uptempo bit of fun in exchange. The track, which peaked at Number 38, became his final single to chart.

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