Meet the Beatle: A Guide to Ringo Starr's Solo Career in 20 Songs

A crash course in the last 45 years of the most under-appreciated Beatle

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"No No Song" (1974)

Starr gets offered weed from Colombia, coke from Majorca (you even hear his nose sniff for that one) and bootleg hooch from Tennessee, but he turns them down because he's on the wagon and doesn't like floor-sleeping. Hoyt Axton, the folkie who also wrote the "Joy to the World" song about bullfrogs (i.e., not the Christmas one) and "Greenback Dollar" (which introduced the word "damn" to pop music), was the author; his more mariachified version didn't come out until a bit after Starr's, but at least it had Cheech & Chong on it. The music's real root, though, is apparently the Rhodesian number "Skokiaan," (first recorded in 1947), the title of which actually gets affixed to certain pressings of Ringo's records.

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