Meet the Beatle: A Guide to Ringo Starr's Solo Career in 20 Songs

A crash course in the last 45 years of the most under-appreciated Beatle

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"Early 1970" (1971)

"There's nothing wrong with the Beatles," Starr was supposedly still assuring people in March 1970. A month later, the breakup was official, and half a year after that, he recorded this hopeful but heart-breaking eulogy that wound up, at least initially, hidden on the B-side of "It Don't Come Easy." It's a choogling sort of rap where he self-deprecates about his own instrumental skills ("I don't play bass 'cause that's too hard for me") while wondering, verse by verse, which of his ex mates (or fellow "knights," as an earlier version of the title had it) will play with him when they come to town. Paul maybe, John for sure, George already here — in fact that's him on slide guitar and piano!

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