Meet the Beatle: A Guide to Ringo Starr's Solo Career in 20 Songs

A crash course in the last 45 years of the most under-appreciated Beatle

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"Act Naturally" (Buck Owens With Ringo Starr) (1989)

Starr was a longtime fan of Owens, a pioneer of country's stripped-down Bakersfield sound, who scored a Number One country hit with "Act Naturally" in 1963. Of course, Starr first recorded the number for Help! in 1965, a little joke about his budding acting career. Fourteen years later, in 1989, the timing was right for them to do it together: Owens' career had just been revived by a duet with his young disciple Dwight Yoakam, and Ringo had just begun touring with his All-Starr band. The video, with these two expert hams playing bumbling gunfighters, is even more fun than the song.

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