Linkin Park: 12 Essential Songs

Revisit Chester Bennington & Co.'s key tracks, from rap-metal smashes to daring pop departures

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"Papercut" (2001)

In a 2013 interview with Manila station Monster Radio RX 93.1, Chester Bennington described "Papercut" as "the identity of the band," and his all-time favorite Linkin Park song. The incendiary opening track to their landmark debut, Hybrid Theory, "Papercut" set a precedent for metal in the new millenium. "In the beginning, my whole goal was to bring as much melody as I could to the music," said Bennington. "The band was really, really good at doing the hip-hop thing, and really good at writing rock music, but there hadn't been a lot of melody [before] I joined. ... When we got to that song, the chorus was so dope and the words behind it were so cool, that I didn't need to do much melodically until we flipped it up at the end. That was a lot of fun; I felt like that song really captured what the vibe of the band's about."

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