Linkin Park: 12 Essential Songs

Revisit Chester Bennington & Co.'s key tracks, from rap-metal smashes to daring pop departures

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"Numb/Encore" with Jay-Z (2004)

In 2004, Linkin Park further dismantled the boundaries of rap and rock when the group teamed up with none other than Jay-Z. Originally intended for an MTV special, the project eventually led to a mash-up EP titled Collision Course, a six-song collection featuring Linkin Park songs paired with various classics by the New York MC. It ended up becoming the second EP to ever top the Billboard 200, and its lone single "Numb/Encore" (a new version of Linkin Park's 2003 track "Numb") was the crowning jewel. Jay's verses bounce above the glitch-y beat, and Bennington's vocal delivery – moving from tender singing to a harsh growl – is the perfect complement. "There was no ego at all working with Jay," Mike Shinoda told MTV News of the overall collaboration. "If I asked him to perform something a certain way or put a vocal line here or there, he was happy to do it."

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