Lemmy Kilmister's Wildest Escapades: 15 Insane Tales From a Legendary Life

Some of the most unbelievable stories from Motörhead's hard-living rock pioneer

Alien Encounter
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Alien Encounter

While in one of his early Sixties ensembles, the Rocking Vicars, Lemmy hadn't discovered the thrills of self-indulgence – but that didn't stop him from having a few out-of-this-world experiences. "In 1966 we were coming back over the Yorkshire Moors which, incidentally, was before I even drank beer, so it couldn't have been some acid flashback," he told Inked. "This thing came over the horizon and stopped dead in the middle of the sky. Then it went from a standstill to top speed, immediately. We don't even have aircraft that do that now, never mind then. So that was pretty eye-opening for me."