Kurt on Film: A Guide to Cobain's Cinematic Legacy

From 'Montage of Heck' to "inspired by" movies, here's a complete breakdown of the Nirvana singer's screen appearances

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'Last Days' (2005)

Until someone officially makes a movie that recreates Cobain's life from first guitar to untimely passing, director Gus Van Sant's almost-a-biopic of the Nirvana singer's titular "last days" may be the closest we'll get to his version of Walk the Line. It's not technically a film about Cobain, though the lawsuit-avoiding film does feature a 1994 timeline, a Pacific Northwest setting and Kurt lookalike actor Michael Pitt in the leading role, playing a rocker named "Blake." But Van Sant's film does attempt to delve into the real-life icon's struggles with isolation and depression in the hours before his suicide. And adding some credence to Last Days is an appearance by Sonic Youth singer and Cobain confidante Kim Gordon, cast as a record exec who's worried about the musician's mental state. Still, this fictionalized retelling was met with more scorn than appreciation from Nirvana fans.

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