Kurt on Film: A Guide to Cobain's Cinematic Legacy

From 'Montage of Heck' to "inspired by" movies, here's a complete breakdown of the Nirvana singer's screen appearances

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'1991: The Year That Punk Broke' (1992)

Dave Markey's alt-rock travelogue follows Sonic Youth as they embark on a European tour in the months before Nevermind and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" changed the face of music. While Nirvana is just the elder avant-punk band's opening act in the film, Cobain is "supporting" in the same way Heath Ledger's Joker supported Christian Bale's Batman: His charisma and magnetism ooze out of every scene he's featured in, and the frontman's onstage chaos is often the highlight of each tour stop. Soon after 1991: The Year Punk Broke, Cobain would transform from someone who was just happy to be here into a rock god. Nearly out-of-print for two decades, 1991 was thankfully made available on DVD in 2011.