Kiss' Top 10 Albums Ranked

The absolute cream of the Kiss crop

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'Hotter Than Hell' (1974)
Courtesy Mercury Records5/10

5. 'Hotter Than Hell' (1974)

The production (not to mention the album art) leaves much to be desired, and the record itself basically tanked upon release, but Hotter Than Hell boasts more than its fair share of Klassic Kiss Kuts. The title track and "Got to Choose" are first-rate riff-rockers, with a glammy grooviness that's only enhanced by the fact that both sound as if the band is playing at half-speed. Frehley-penned cuts "Parasite" and "Strange Ways," meanwhile, show Kiss toughening up their sound from their just nine-months-old debut — so much so that the two tunes were later covered by Anthrax and Megadeth, respectively. And then there's Simmons' "Goin' Blind," a song so ominous and oozy that not one but two grunge-era acts — the Melvins and Dinosaur Jr. — took stabs at it in the early Nineties.

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