Kiss' Top 10 Albums Ranked

The absolute cream of the Kiss crop

'Hot in the Shade' (1989)
Courtesy Mercury Records10/10

10. 'Hot in the Shade' (1989)

When fans pick the best Kiss album of the non-makeup years they usually point to either the first, 1983's Lick It Up, or the last, 1992's Revenge. But while the former boasts a stellar title track and not much else, and the latter finds the band trying just a little too hard to be well, hard, Hot in the Shade stands tall as a surprisingly solid slab of late-Eighties hard rock. The fact that it's also one of Kiss' more overlooked efforts is ironic, especially in light of the fact that it spawned their biggest non-makeup-era hit in the Paul Stanley/Michael Bolton collaboration, "Forever." And while at 15 songs the track list is unnecessarily long, the highs still hold up: The slide-guitar-assisted opener "Rise to It" (which was paired with a video that saw Stanley and Simmons reapplying the iconic makeup), the driving "Silver Spoon," the Eric Carr-sung "Little Caesar" and first single "Hide Your Heart," a song so nice it was recorded thrice — by Kiss, Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler and, interestingly, Ace Frehley.