Kiss' Top 10 Albums Ranked

The absolute cream of the Kiss crop

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'Alive!' (1975)
Courtesy Mercury Records2/10

2. 'Alive!' (1975)

The exciting cover shot alone was enough to put asses in arena seats, even though it's about as "live" as some of the sounds on this concert document. But Kiss were always masters of illusion, and with this 1975 double album they brought all the bomb-exploding, light-strobing, fire-breathing, blood-vomiting, greasepaint-streaked madness of the Kiss live experience direct to every teenager's bedroom, up through their oversized headphone cans and straight into the collective bloodstream. The track list is a veritable cherry-picking of the best tunes from the band's first three albums, with amped-up tempos and jacked-up crowd noises correcting the unjustly limp studio performances that saddled some of the originals, in particular the Hotter Than Hell material. And the version here of "Rock and Roll All Nite," hotrodded with a now-iconic Ace guitar solo, has since surpassed the studio take to stand as the definitive arrangement of the song. 

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