Keith Richards' Wildest Escapades: 19 Insane Tales From a Legendary Life

Amazing moments of excess, abandon and infinite good luck from a life well lived

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That Time He Didn't Kill Anybody (1976)
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That Time He Didn't Kill Anybody (1976)

"I'm a good driver," Richards wrote in Life, recalling a 1976 incident when he fell asleep at the wheel with his seven-year-old son, Marlon, in the back seat and was arrested after a crash. "I mean, nobody's perfect." The guitarist had been driving back from a gig in Knebworth, England, and plowed his Bentley into a tree. "Until five or six years ago, there was still my bloody handprint on the back seat," Marlon wrote in Life. "And on the dashboard, there was still the dent where my nose hit it." Richards, who was arrested when the police found acid in his jacket, later wrote, "At least we didn't hit anybody."

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