Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion: My Life in 10 Songs

From Pussy Galore to 'Freedom Tower,' the combustible blues-punker looks back

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Afro" (1993)

Extra Width we recorded down in Memphis. We were obsessed not just with Stax but also Sun, so we made the pilgrimage and we tracked down at Easley Studios. I'd worked at Sun before, I did a Gibson Brothers record there. That was kind of a bummer, that whole session. You're basically paying for the room. It's not like they have any of the old cool mics or board or tape machines there. So I wasn't really interested in going and working at one of the famous old places.

I think "Afro" came out of [a] discussion of Stax. And also from listening to Otis [Redding] and Rufus [Thomas]. A lot of people have talked to me about the guitar solo on that record. My engineer, Jay Braun, says that's his reference for what a good volume should be for a guitar solo. It's not even a guitar, it's an old Juno synthesizer.

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