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Joe Walsh: My Life in 15 Songs

Guitar legend looks back on more than 40 years of music and mayhem with James Gang, Eagles and beyond

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"The Radio Song" (1987)

I decided I would make a song that explains how I write music. Because I got tired of people asking me. And if you read the lyrics, it tells you exactly how I do it: "I like to sit in a silent place when no one's around and listen inside it/Inside the silence is the melody/Voices singing harmony." That's it. 

As far as the album title [1987's Got Any Gum?], I was in New York City and I was walking down the street. And this guy was coming toward me and he was obviously homeless and looking for change and stuff. So I reached into my pocket and pulled out a handful of change, and when he got to me I held it out and said, "Here." And he said, "Nah, I don't want any money. You got any gum?" And I thought, "This guy's a genius! That's brilliant!" It was like a Zen riddle and that was the answer [laughs].

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