Jimmy Page Before Led Zeppelin: 20 Great Sixties Session Songs

Delve into the guitar great's sideman career with this comprehensive playlist, featuring the Stones, Bowie, Donovan and many more

Jet Harris, "Diamonds" (1963)

The very first recording session that Jimmy Page was ever enlisted to perform on was for this instrumental song by former Shadows bassist Jet Harris. At the time, Page was still trying to make his way as a student at Sutton Art College around his hometown of Surrey. He took a gig playing guitar at the Marquee Club near downtown London, when he began receiving offers to bring his noticeable talents into the recording studio.

While Harris, accompanied by his fellow Shadows bandmate Tony Meehan on drums, handles the electric-guitar parts with a Fender Jaguar, Page can be heard ripping away underneath, keeping the rhythm steady on an acoustic. When "Diamonds" debuted in January, 1963, the single stunned nearly everyone by hitting Number One in the U.K. just a month later. It would go on to hold that position for three consecutive weeks. Almost overnight, Page became a heavily in-demand commodity in the studio world.