Jimi Hendrix: 10 Great Pre-Fame Tracks

Hear the guitar legend in his early sideman days alongside Little Richard, the Isley Brothers and others

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Jayne Mansfield, "Suey" (1966, released 1967)

Easily the most bizarre of all of Hendrix's pre-Experience activities is this alleged collaboration with the B-movie bombshell. Even stranger is the fact that he never mentioned it in interviews, leading some to question whether it really happened at all. Hendrix could be forgiven for simply being embarrassed by the song, with its cringe-y hep-cat spoken phrases – "It makes my liver quiver," "it makes my knees freeze" and "it makes my back crack" – from the mind of disc jockey Douglas "Jocko" Henderson. Chalpin insists that Hendrix played guitar and bass on "Suey" and possibly its A side, the lushly orchestrated "As the Clouds Drift By," though this last point seems unlikely. Since Chalpin had a history of licensing out completed instrumental tracks to other artists for vocal overdubs, it's certainly possible that the backing is from one of Hendrix's PPX dates with Curtis Knight, making it equally plausible that Hendrix himself had no idea that Mansfield ultimately sang on it. According to a 1966 report in Billboard, Chalpin planned to release the song as the inaugural single on his new label, Chalco Records, but this was abandoned. "As the Clouds Drift By"/"Suey" wasn't issued until just after Mansfield's fatal car accident on June 29th, 1967. 

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