Jimi Hendrix: 10 Great Pre-Fame Tracks

Hear the guitar legend in his early sideman days alongside Little Richard, the Isley Brothers and others

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Frank Howard and the Commanders, "I'm Sorry for You" (1965)

While some reports claim this doo-woppy slow burner was actually recorded in 1963, prior to Hendrix's first trip to New York City, others put the date closer to his split with Little Richard in the summer of 1965, around the same time Frank Howard & the Commanders made the television rounds to promote it. In either case, Hendrix performed at the invitation of his old Army buddy and former King Kasuals band mate Billy Cox, who had written a pair of songs for Howard. The sessions were produced by the influential disc jockey Bill "Hoss" Allen, who was less than impressed with Hendrix's guitar skills. "All Hoss wanted Jimi to do was play a simple rhythm while Johnny Jones played lead, but Hoss didn't like what he was hearing from Jimi, so he turned his mic down and cut him in and out," Howard remembered in Becoming Hendrix. "Hoss didn't like it when musicians experimented on his session. He told me later that if he knew Jimi was going to be so successful, he'd let him get as wild as he wanted." 

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