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20. "Money, Cash, Hoes" feat. DMX (1999)

Kaseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean was just the teenage nephew of the founders of Ruff Ryders Entertainment when he got the chance to work on chart-topping albums by DMX in 1998. By the end of the year, artists outside the label wanted Swizz's simplistic but hard-hitting beats. And his first collaboration with Jay-Z was the result of the young producer just kidding around with the beat's outlandish riff. "The song started as a joke with me sliding my hand across a keyboard, just bugging," Swizz told Complex. But Jay took the beat seriously enough to elevate the track with suave wordplay like "Only wife of mines is a life of crime/And since life's a bitch in miniskirts and big chest/How can I not flirt with death?"