Jay-Z: 50 Greatest Songs

With a rhyme career going since the late Eighties, Jay-Z's songs have been reflective, pop, confessional, hard-edged and indelible. Here are his best

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27. Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z, Twista, Missy Elliott, "Is That Your Chick (The Lost Verses)" (1999)

Jay-Z, Twista and Memphis Bleek show off their technical game, spitting dexterous bars with acrobatic precision over a Timbaland production that's like a musical obstacle course. The song's fiery effect comes directly from how effortlessly Jay and Bleek perform these intricate feats, a reflection of the song's subject matter – casual indifference as a response to the grand emotional drama unspooling before the song's unnamed target. Twista darts through the air with an exuberance and fluency that mainly conveys love for recognizing the full mastery of human potential. Missy's taunting chorus is the only break from the testosterone-driven subliminal battle Jay waged across this larger-than-life canvas.

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