How Dave Grohl Conquered 2015 With a Broken Leg
Kevin Winter/Getty

Dave Grohl has never exactly been the reclusive type, but 2015 saw the Foo Fighters frontman give new meaning to the word "ubiquitous."

From Record Store Day to awards shows, from the Foos' world tour (and two new EPs) to surprise guest appearances on other artists' shows and records, Grohl was seemingly everywhere at once this year, leading one to occasionally wonder if Congress had somehow passed a measure mandating his perpetually enthusiastic participation in any and all things rock-related.

Not that he needed any help from elected officials, of course. So intense was his will to rock, neither broken bones nor the Westboro Baptist Church nor hairy members of the Muppets could stop Dave Grohl in his neverending quest to deliver the goods. Here's a look back at 2015's Grohlian highlights.