Hipgnosis' Life in 15 Album Covers: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and More

Upon release of new book 'Vinyl . Album . Cover . Art,' studio co-founder Aubrey "Po" Powell unpacks striking images created for Wings, AC/DC and more

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Peter Gabriel, 'Peter Gabriel' (1978)
A. Powell / P. Christopherson Graphics: Hipgnosis/ C. Elgie © Peter Gabriel Ltd13/15

Peter Gabriel, 'Peter Gabriel' (1978)

We loved Peter because he was such fun to work with, but he is a person who can't make up his mind about anything. He's a person who will pontificate and think about things for years if he possibly could. So working with him was always an interesting experience because you'd come up with an idea and he'd hem and haw about it for weeks and weeks until the album was virtually on the release date and then decide to do something. He used to have arguments with Storm, because they were two intellectuals and disagreed on just about everything, but they always came to a fantastic conclusion. 

Peter was always insistent with us with having a portrait on the front. We didn't like doing portraits but we said we'll only do it if we can do it differently. Storm came up with this idea of Peter creating this scratch with his hands but he's creating it for real on the picture of himself. Peter said, "Great, let's go with it." What I loved about him is he was so self-deprecating. He was never interested to play the pop star, ever. He had the chutzpah to allow you to do something interesting with his face. He wasn't interested in looking attractive, he just wanted to have an interesting idea surrounding it and "Scratch" was the title so scratch is what he got.

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