Hipgnosis' Life in 15 Album Covers: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and More

Upon release of new book 'Vinyl . Album . Cover . Art,' studio co-founder Aubrey "Po" Powell unpacks striking images created for Wings, AC/DC and more

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10cc, 'Look Hear?' (1980)
A. Powell Graphics: G. Hardie © 2017 Hipgnosis Ltd15/15

10cc, 'Look Hear?' (1980)

Look Hear? is a Storm title. That cover was also called, "Are You Normal?" What Storm wanted to do was create a series of large, singular graphic letters that had all sorts of words and puns like those. I can't remember all the other ones. It was very much all about the graphics. 

If you look on the front of it, you'll see a little tiny picture which is a sheep on a sofa. I said to the guys, "I would prefer that the front cover was not the big letterings." We had a huge argument and they said, "Well, OK, what do you see about this sheep on the sofa?" I said, "Really, it's the 'Are you normal?' We're talking about madness here, because if you're not normal you're nuts, so maybe we should do something about psychiatry. So the sheep represents people going to psychiatrists to repair themselves. The sea in the background represents the mind. The psychiatrist couch is very Freudian, and I want to go and shoot it in Hawaii where the biggest waves are." It was the 1970s, and everybody was making lots of money because selling records was going out of fashion so he went, "Fine. We better go off and do it."

So I got to Hawaii and there were no sheep. I should've called ahead I suppose [laughs]. I found out that the University of Hawaii had one sheep. So I managed to commandeer the sheep, but there was no Freudian couches to be found. Psychiatry was not prevalent in Hawaii at that time, so I had one made and took it to Sunset Beach. We put the sheep on the couch but of course when those huge waves came rolling in the sheep kept jumping off the couch in fear and trying to swim out to sea. It was a nightmare. Again, never work with animals and children. 

I managed to persuade the vets from the university to give him a shot of Valium to calm him down and put him on the sofa. I took this picture. It was just absolutely a one-off picture. The great thing is, if you see that picture blown up that sheep is looking at me with the most devilish eyes you've ever seen. It was really, really unhappy. Anyway, we used that as all the posters and everything else and stuck to Storm's idea with the very large graphics all over it, with the pun, "Are You Normal? Look Hear!" But it was fun to shoot. 

Covers like this don't happen anymore. The golden age of album covers is gone. We had the best 15 years of it. The money was there. We were so privileged to be able to go and do a picture like that.

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