Hipgnosis' Life in 15 Album Covers: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and More

Upon release of new book 'Vinyl . Album . Cover . Art,' studio co-founder Aubrey "Po" Powell unpacks striking images created for Wings, AC/DC and more

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10cc, 'How Dare You!' (1976)
Cover Design: Hipgnosis/ G. Hardie Photography: A. Powell © 2017 Hipgnosis Ltd8/15

10cc, 'How Dare You!' (1976)

These photographs were inspired very much by the band and their lyrics. 10cc wrote the most extraordinary lyrics. I mean, who writes lyrics like, "Life is a minestrone"? These guys were so smart lyrically and Graham Gouldman, who I'm still great friends with, is a really sharp guy and they were interested in the visual covers. They were always interested in visual puns, and a lot Hipgnosis work is about visual puns. 

So we imagined a whole set up for How Dare You! almost like a soap opera, where you had a series of pictures of people who were all on the phone literally saying, "How dare you?" And if you look at the front cover, you've got the woman who's obviously been jilted in some way who's clearly saying "How dare you?" And you've got the businessman who she's talking to who is her husband probably – there's stories that go along just because that's what we did. He's saying, "How dare you?" On the back cover, you've got a dirty old man with a handkerchief in a phone box talking to some poor air hostess desk who's sitting in the hotel and she's saying, "How dare you?" It's inspired by old 1940s movies where they used to do a split screen when people talked on the phone to each other. 

On the inside was a premonition of what was to come with all these people on the phone. There's 50 people in the room and they're all on telephones. It was just a surreal idea that Storm had. It's hilarious. It is funny now because, how many times now do you walk into a room and everybody is on their mobile phone? I've always felt somehow that this was a premonition.

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