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We did one version of this with [Nevermind producer] Butch [Vig, on The Crow soundtrack] and then one with Andy [Wallace]. I had wanted to work with Butch before but I was wary because of the whole Nirvana thing. Record companies wanted everything Nirvana but we weren't Nirvana. But I met him and really liked him.

Butch gave me the idea to have no guitars on the first verse. Like, "Why don't you mute the guitars here and just do this vocal thing?" And then he added that Pink Floyd, A.M-radio effect to my voice. That all changed the feel of the song, because originally it was in-your-face right from the beginning. Which is kind of our thing — Helmet's not really known for dynamics. But Butch was like, "How about some dynamics?" And I said, "What a great idea!" It turned out to be one of my favorite things on the album.