Helmet's Page Hamilton Breaks Down 'Betty' Track by Track

The singer-guitarist reveals how doggy biscuits, street crabs and cat-eaters helped inspire the Nineties' alt-metal classic

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'Street Crab'

My now ex-wife and her mother had a jewelry company, and they used to sell stuff on the street in New York City. Back then, the "street crabs" were the guys who were selling the fake Rolexes. They'd be out on the street with their merchandise, and then there'd be one guy sitting on top of a mailbox or something, looking for cops. When a cop came by, he'd yell and they'd all roll up their blankets and run down the street. Being from a small town in Oregon and then settling in New York, I just thought it was a really interesting cultural thing. Like, "This is something I've never seen before!"

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