Helmet's Page Hamilton Breaks Down 'Betty' Track by Track

The singer-guitarist reveals how doggy biscuits, street crabs and cat-eaters helped inspire the Nineties' alt-metal classic

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The thing I remember about this song is that the solo was a bitch. I was really struggling with the changes. It was just this groove, and usually I try to find a spot for a lead and then go with it and develop it. Maybe I'll start with something melodic, or maybe I'll start with noise. But I didn't know with this one. It was tricky. I wound up doing a bunch of fast things in the solo, and part of the reason for the speed of the notes was the fear of not knowing where I was going to land. I just said to myself, "If you play really, really fast and superimpose kind of a mode or a sound over the groove, you'll be safe." [Laughs]

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