Helmet's Page Hamilton Breaks Down 'Betty' Track by Track

The singer-guitarist reveals how doggy biscuits, street crabs and cat-eaters helped inspire the Nineties' alt-metal classic

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'I Know'

Vocally, it's a hard one — there's a lot of screaming. Unfortunately it's also the second song on the album, so at these live shows I have to be ready to go, right off the bat. Like, "Aahh, shit."

It's another song of mine about having other people's opinions crammed down your throat. I guess at that point in time I was kind of addressing some of my peers, who I had become a little tired of listening to. There's also some lines about the whole notion of rock stars and models: "Wafer thin, the waif is in/She's chlorine clean, and portion fed." It's this idea that these people are beyond reproach and above the rest of us. The whole rock-star thing tends to repulse me a little bit.

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