Guy Clark: 12 Essential Songs

From iconic gunfighter anthems to vulnerable proclamations of love

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"Stuff That Works"

"I got an old blue shirt and it suits me just fine," the perpetually denim-clad Clark sang on this track off his 1995 album Dublin Blues. By the Nineties, Clark had well-established himself as a quiet, mythological force on the Nashville songwriting scene – never achieving massive fame but seeing his work cut by others who, thanks to flashier personalities or bigger machines, could take them to the charts. But he was respected and adored by many, and proved that he knew what really mattered in life with songs like "Stuff That Works," an ode to how holding on to our simplest, defining pleasures is more vital than collecting shinier, newer things: "the kind of stuff you don't hang up on a wall." Like a great love, a good pair of boots and a brilliant tune.

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