25 Greatest Songs Produced by Dr. Dre and Jimmy lovine

Their remarkably successful partnership as producers, label owners and business executives has resulted in hits that shaped our culture

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The Game feat. 50 Cent, "How We Do" (2004)

As the myth goes, the Game was happy to be a G-Unit soldier until he realized he had a hit on his hands. By the time "How We Do" at the end of 2004, the West Coast upstart and 50 Cent were feuding. Their casual vocal interplay on "How We Do" is reminiscent of Dre and Snoop's mic-trading skills on "Nuthin' But a G Thang." Dre's minimalist beat makes spare use of piano keys and chime effects, and it keeps the spotlight on the Game and 50 Cent's performance. Unlike the inseparable Dre and Snoop, though, the duo's appearances on the Game's double-platinum debut The Documentary seemingly won't be repeated. The Game has stayed loyal, though: He turned his 2006 album Doctor's Advocate into an homage to Dre, and recently appeared on the West Coast legend's 2015 Compton soundtrack.   

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