25 Greatest Songs Produced by Dr. Dre and Jimmy lovine

Their remarkably successful partnership as producers, label owners and business executives has resulted in hits that shaped our culture

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Dr. Dre, "Fuck Wit Dre Day" (1992)

If "Nuthin' But a G Thang" established Dre as a visionary exponent of L.A. sunshine, good weed and afternoon barbecues, then "Dre Day" revealed the grim underside of the G-funk era – and its promise of retributive violence. Dre's arrangement, co-written with bassist Colin Wolfe, turns an interpolation of Funkadelic's "Not Just Knee Deep" into a scarily ominous portent of conflict. Each verse licks shots at rivals: Dre takes aim at friend turned foe Eazy-E; Snoop clowns "Fuck Compton" writer Tim Dog; and then both mock Miami entrepreneur and 2 Live Crew leader Luke Campbell as "quite bootylicious." Fans who sent "Dre Day" to Number Eight on the Billboard singles chart were thrilled at Dre and Snoop's mordant battle rap. It also helped burnish Death Row's as the world's most dangerous record label, a reputation that eventually became its undoing.

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