25 Greatest Songs Produced by Dr. Dre and Jimmy lovine

Their remarkably successful partnership as producers, label owners and business executives has resulted in hits that shaped our culture

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D12, "Fight Music" (2001)

Eminem's D12 project is truly underrated. Despite coming up in the same thriving 1990s Detroit rap scene, Em's friends never quite shook their underserved reputation as bandwagon riders on his supernova fame. "Fight Music" was a highlight of the group's solidly effective Devil's Night debut, and a key moment for rap fans that couldn't stomach some of their other shock-inducing horrorcore tracks. (That's excepting the typically misanthropic Bizarre's verse, and his decidedly nasty bars about his grandmother.) Dre's bass rhythm and Mike Elizondo's ringing guitar lines lend the performers a raw, emphatic sound over which to unfurl their cipher. 

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