25 Greatest Songs Produced by Dr. Dre and Jimmy lovine

Their remarkably successful partnership as producers, label owners and business executives has resulted in hits that shaped our culture

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Busta Rhymes, "In the Ghetto" (2006)

"The fact that Aftermath is my new home speaks for itself," Busta Rhymes told XXL magazine in 2004, a sign of Aftermath's reputation as the top rap label in the industry. Despite heavy publicity and decent album sales, Busta Rhymes' Aftermath bow The Big Bang didn't live up to its sky-high expectations. But at least it yielded "In The Ghetto," a worthy tribute to the near-mythical king of funk-punk who died in 2004. Dr. Dre and DJ Green Lantern sampled Rick James' from his "Ghetto Life," as well as a snippet of his infamous appearance at the BET Awards, then built a dramatic track out of punchy horn chops, bass bumps and subtle flutes. James' voice is nearly as prominent as Busta, who weaves a lyric about hood life before commanding us to "rep your ghetto."

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