Grammys 2018: 20 Best and Worst Moments

Highlights and lowlights, including Kesha, Kendrick Lamar and "Subway Karaoke"

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Worst: That Snoozy Tom Petty Tribute
Jeff Kravitz/Getty10/20

Worst: That Snoozy Tom Petty Tribute

There are so many ways the Grammys could have honored Tom Petty this year. Imagine if the Heartbreakers took the stage together for the first time since Petty's passing to play his tunes with three or four singers. Bob Dylan could have revived his performance of "Learning to Fly" from earlier in the year. Stevie Nicks could have done, well, anything she felt like. It would have been incredible. Instead, they producers opted to have Chris Stapleton and Emmylou Harris play an acoustic "Wildflowers" in front of a bunch of photos of pastel flowers. Why exactly didn't images of Petty fill the screen instead? This isn't to say that Harris and Stapleton didn't do a fine job, but Petty deserved so much more. Then again, it could have been worse: Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington merely get two seconds each during the In Memoriam section. 

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