Grammys 2018: 20 Best and Worst Moments

Highlights and lowlights, including Kesha, Kendrick Lamar and "Subway Karaoke"

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Worst: Sting, Shaggy and James Corden Get Desperate With

Worst: Sting, Shaggy and James Corden Get Desperate With "Subway Karaoke"

There was no way James Corden was going to pass up the chance to transpose his famous "Carpool Karaoke" segment to New York City, but the resulting skit was predictable and overlong, running a single flimsy idea into the ground. Corden, Sting and Shaggy – the last two are promoting their new single "Don't Make Me Wait" – boarded a subway car and started to sing, only to find that, surprise, the clichés you hear about New Yorkers are all true: They're rude, standoffish and they don't want to hear any music on their commute. Whether the trio sang Police oldies ("Every Breath You Take"), Shaggy hits ("It Wasn't Me") or new collaborations ("Don't Make Me Wait"), the natives remained unimpressed, burying their heads in their hands. The bad puns started piling up. "We're filming this for the Grammys," Corden protested. "Not for this grannie," a subway-riding grandma retorted. After the would-be buskers admitted defeat, Sting echoed the sentiments of viewers everywhere when he asked, "Whose stupid idea was this?" "It wasn't me," Shaggy replied, ending the skit on a bum note. This was not the last of Sting and Shaggy: The pair were given two chances to boost their forthcoming collaboration. The bassist later performed "Englishman in New York" before Shaggy joined him to sing "Don't Make Me Wait" yet again. The mid-tempo reggae felt tepid, and it drained the energy from the evening following Bruno Mars and Cardi B's powerhouse performance of "Finesse."

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