Grammys 2017: 20 Best and Worst Moments

Highlights and lowlights, including Beyoncé, Adele and A Tribe Called Quest

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Worst: Metallica and Lady Gaga Self-Destruct
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Worst: Metallica and Lady Gaga Self-Destruct

Of all last night's Grammy pairings, MetalliGaga was the one that seemed to have the best shot at actual awesomeness – a chance for pop's most metal-friendly superstar to bare her teeth alongside true giants of the genre. That their version of Metallica's Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct rager "Moth Into Flame" (maybe the band's most Gaga-apt song given its perils-of-fame theme) turned out to be a complete clusterfuck was only about half the performers' fault. Goofy onstage faux-moshers and gratuitous pyro set a cheesy Rock of Ages tone right from the start. James Hetfield suffered complete mic failure, turning his and Gaga's line-trading duet into a nonsensical half-song. From that point, it was a mad sprint to the finish, with Hetfield knocking over his mic stand in frustration, and Gaga doing her best to pick up the slack via desperate vocal histrionics and an ill-conceived mid-song annoying of Lars Ulrich. As Hetfield disgustedly tossed his guitar offstage at the conclusion, you had to sympathize: A band that already suffered one infamous Grammy indignity (that Jethro Tull loss) found itself once again at serious risk of mockery.

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