Grammy Awards 2015's 21 Best and Worst Moments

From Kanye's bum-rush to AC/DC's explosive performance to Sam Smith's big night

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Worst: Everyone Takes Bad Trips
Kevork Djansezian/Getty19/21

Worst: Everyone Takes Bad Trips

The arch villain of this year's Grammys? No, it wasn't Kanye, who poked fun at his own past antics — it was the top step of the circular satellite stage. First, it nearly tackled actor and Fergie beau Josh Duhamel; the Best Rock Album co-presenter gamely avoiding a humiliating face-plant in front of two New England Patriots no less. Then the stupid thing almost took down musician Nile Rodgers on his way to hand off the Best R&B Performance gramophone. Fortunately, his co-presenter, the always smooth Smokey Robinson, averted what would have been true disaster by chivalrously helping Beyoncé up the diabolical step to accept her award.

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