Grammy Awards 2015's 21 Best and Worst Moments

From Kanye's bum-rush to AC/DC's explosive performance to Sam Smith's big night

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Best: Prince Has Gotta be Prince
Kevork Djansezian/Getty16/21

Best: Prince Has Gotta be Prince

Every time Prince struts onstage to present at one of these shows, the crowd goes nuts — and not just because he's a mercurial genius who dresses like Clarence Williams on The Mod Squad. Resplendent in a Creamsicle-colored number, and clutching a cane, Prince was given the relatively dry task of presenting the Grammy for Album of the Year, though he still managed to work in a couple of great lines. First, he shot the elephant in the room, joking, "Albums, remember those?" while a grin creased his face. Then, he managed to make a statement that spoke louder than any show-closing number, adding, "Like books and black lives, albums still matter," as the crowd whooped in approval. And finally, he was smart enough to extricate himself from Kanye's awkward stage invasion as Beck readied his speech. Thirty years after Purple Rain, he's still one of the most brilliant guys in the room.

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