Governors Ball 2018: 20 Best Things We Saw

Highlights from New York's biggest summer bash, including Pusha T's surprise set and Yeah Yeah Yeahs' heartrending comeback

Most Positive Vibes: D.R.A.M.
Griffin Lotz for Rolling Stone1/20

Most Positive Vibes: D.R.A.M.

D.R.A.M. earned his "Big Baby" nickname at Gov Ball, giving the crowd nothing but absolute positivity. The rapper was all about "spreading the love" – a suggestion that he he chanted on multiple occasions, along with signature words and phrases like "sentimental" and "love your mama." With sing-song raps, such as "Cute" and "Caretaker," and a slinky new love song, he performed like a soulful Seventies crooner. Prior to performing a stripped down rendition of his Chance the Rapper collab "Special," he even shared the motivational wisdom that "All you have to do when you're feeling down is look in the mirror, look at your phone in selfie mode, and tell yourself these four words: You are very special." After a round of optimistic cheers, D.R.A.M. concluded his set with his chart-topper "Broccoli," leaving the crowd jubilant and satisfied. S.B.