Governors Ball 2018: 20 Best Things We Saw

Highlights from New York's biggest summer bash, including Pusha T's surprise set and Yeah Yeah Yeahs' heartrending comeback

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Best Early Bird Act: The Regrettes
Griffin Lotz for Rolling Stone18/20

Best Early Bird Act: The Regrettes

"I know it's early but... Do you guys know what a mosh pit is? I feel like that should happen," suggested The Regrettes' lead singer Lydia Night on Saturday afternoon, during the festival's earliest time slot. Those who showed up for the L.A. band absorbed enough of their high-octane energy to survive the rest of the sweltering day. Night, whose hot pink hair matched the hue of her guitar, invited young women in the audience to the front of the stage for a defiant performance of their song, "A Living Human Girl." The Regrettes closed their set with an incisive cover of Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" – a middle finger to their cock-rock predecessors. N.B.

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