Glenn Frey: 20 Essential Songs

From Eagles' Seventies masterpieces to his solo Eighties hits, here are the late singer-songwriter's finest tracks

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"Lyin' Eyes" (1975)

A smooth satire of L.A.'s gold-digger culture, "Lyin' Eyes" was inspired by an evening out at one of Henley and Frey's favorite bars, Dan Tana's. The pair spotted a beautiful young woman with a fat, over-the-hill rich guy, and Frey immediately observed ,"She can't even hide those lyin' eyes." The acerbic comment became the song's title phrase, hooked to a forlorn melody that perfectly evokes the kept woman's lonely predicament. Sung with just the right sense of wry tenderness by Frey and featuring some of the most beloved harmonies of the band's entire career, "Lyin' Eyes" won a Grammy in 1976 for Best Pop Performance.

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