George Michael: 20 Essential Songs

The best of the pop icon's hits, duets and reinventions

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"Freedom! '90" (1990)

Still a few years from 30, George Michael was trying to dodge nearly a decade of pop stardom like a monkey on his back at the time of "Freedom! '90." " I think there's something you should know/I think it's time I stopped the show," he sings. "There's something deep inside of me. There's someone I forgot to be." In turn, the music video for "Freedom! '90" literally set his past ablaze by burning the jukebox, leather jacket and guitar made famous by his "Faith" video. "At some point in your career, the situation between yourself and the camera reverses. For a certain number of years, you court it and you need it, but ultimately, it needs you more, and it's a bit like a relationship," he told The Los Angeles Times. "The minute that happens, it turns you off."

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