George Martin: 20 Great Non-Beatles Productions

Cheap Trick, Elton John, James Bond and more

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Spike Milligan, "The Q5 Piano Tune" (1969)

Though they couldn't have been more different, George Martin and the Beatles (particularly John Lennon) bonded over their shared love of Fifties British radio comedy The Goon Show. The show was written, created by and starred Spike Milligan, a father of British yuks and friend of Martin, who produced records for his group the Goons. As Bruce Pollack's If You Like the Beatles notes, Martin used "ingenious sound effects, engineered through a mastery of echo, reverb, multiple edits and playing with recording tape speeds, all of which became the hallmarks of the Beatles studio repertoire." In the late Sixties, Milligan created a surreal sketch show, Q5, with skits that didn't have beginning or ends – Terry Jones noted it as a huge influence on Monty Python's Flying Circus. Martin produced Q5's bizarre theme song, which showcased all of his innovative hallmarks. P.D.

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