George Martin: 20 Great Non-Beatles Productions

Cheap Trick, Elton John, James Bond and more

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Cheap Trick, "World's Greatest Lover" (1980)

For 1980's All Shook Up, Cheap Trick set aside longtime producer Tom Werman to work with the producer who had guided the band's biggest influence. The Fab Four's impact on Cheap Trick had never been a secret, but Martin teased out a particularly Beatles-like majesty on album track "World's Greatest Lover." It's a sumptuous ballad stuffed with strategically deployed orchestral flourishes and languid, melancholy acoustic guitar. What really pops is Robin Zander's rich, resonant, thoroughly Lennon-esque vocal delivery, which is too close to its source material to be anything other than a loving pastiche. The album came out at the end of October in 1980; within weeks, John Lennon would be dead. Presciently, "World's Greatest Lover" wound up being a breathtaking tribute. J.H.

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