George Martin: 20 Great Non-Beatles Productions

Cheap Trick, Elton John, James Bond and more

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America, "Tin Man" (1974)

The members of America were Americans, but they formed as Army brats whose parents were stationed in London. It was only natural, then, that when they were planning their 1974 album Holiday, the folk-rock outfit set their sights on the quintessential London producer. As the band's guitarist Dewey Bunnell said in The Billboard Book of #1 Adult Contemporary Hits: "It was like we knew each other. We were familiar with the Beatles, of course, and we had that British sense of humor." That humor didn't exactly bleed over to "Tin Man," a hit single off Holiday – this was, after all, the band who wrote the almost ridiculously somber "A Horse with No Name." But Martin did manage to shroud the song in moody, atmospheric mystery. J.H.

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