Gene Simmons' Expert Opinion on Kendrick Lamar, Patti Smith Songs

"In all honesty, I am not the most qualified person to comment on rap," admits Kiss' iconic Demon

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Patti Smith, "Free Money"

This is actually one of the better-written songs on Horses. Patti sounds plaintive, and then she spits out the lyrics, which she does better than almost anyone, even by today's standards.

An interesting side note: The song builds in the same way "Stairway to Heaven" builds. Patti Smith and Led Zep? Yup. If you play an instrument, you will soon recognize A minor to G major to F major, and then G major to A minor again — exactly like "Stairway to Heaven." Then again, music only has eight notes. So, perhaps not so strange after all.

I am reminded of the very first time I ran into Patti. I was at the Marquee club in London in the Seventies, and so was she. I was standing at the bar, and because I didn't drink then, and don't drink now, I spent most of my time flirting and chatting up local talent. The next thing I knew, a woman walks up, mutters something and slaps me hard across the face. I had no idea it would have happened — or, at the time, who she was. Maybe, in hindsight, that was classic Patti Smith. More power to her.