Future Sounds: 5 Genres Bubbling Up

These styles are some of the best the underground had to offer in 2015 – get ready to hear more

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Tropical House

What: A sun-kissed strain of EDM – what Jimmy Buffett would spin if he traded his guitar for turntables. The antidote to dance music's turn-down-for-nothing moshpit phase is this chill wave of deep house: Airy, relaxed, with beats as soft as a beer coozie pressed in the sand. The jokey name was tossed-out by Australian producer Thomas Jack in promoter Myles Shear's college apartment, but thanks to producers in the decidedly un-tropical wilds of Norway and Germany, it has quickly risen to dominate the 2015 summer festival season — and has influenced the sound of pop stars like Justin Bieber and Jason DeRulo.

Who's Doing It: Kygo, Felix Jaehn, Robin Schulz

Key Track: The Robin Schulz remix for Mr. Probz' "Waves" features campfire acoustic guitar and actual lyrics about sand and streams. It topped the charts in six countries.

Crossover Chances: Omi's "Cheerleader" (remixed by Felix Jaehn) and Justin Bieber's sex-on-the-beach romp "What Do You Need?" have already hit Number One on the Hot 100 this year. Expect 2016 to be chilled like a Margarita.