Future Sounds: 5 Genres Bubbling Up

These styles are some of the best the underground had to offer in 2015 – get ready to hear more

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What: Like the name implies, a blizzard-blurred, ecstatic embrace of black metal's dissonant grind and shoegaze's uplifting suffocation. Forged a decade ago by French woosh-crafters Alcest as a way to confront the otherworldly visions that frontman Neige would have as a child, it's become a natural intersection at the points where indie rock, underground metal and the internet collide — not to mention a way for American bands raised on My Bloody Valentine to get around wearing corpsepaint

Who: Bosse-de-Nage, Vattnet Viskar, Ghost Bath

Key Track: "Dream House," the 2013 flurry from San Francisco's Deafheaven, helped bring this transcendent sound all the way to Bonnaroo's tents.

Chances for Radio Takeover: You're not gonna hear this stuff on rock radio anytime soon. But that doesn't mean Bosse-de-Nage's All Fours isn't one of the best metal albums to come out this year.

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