Fleetwood Mac's 50 Greatest Songs

From British blues to California rock, from smooth sunshine to the most haunting breakup epics ever

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39. "Seven Wonders"

The lush 1987 single "Seven Wonders" was the rare Fleetwood Mac hit not primarily credited to one of the group's many estimable songwriters. Nicks collaborator and Eighties synth-rock also-ran Sandy Stewart penned the harmony-soaked tune, and the demo was the first song Nicks presented to the band for Tango in the Night. Her lone contribution stemmed from misunderstanding one of Stewart's lyrics, producing the phrase "all the way down to Emmaline." "I thought she said that, and she hadn't," said Nicks. "And I had become so attached to the name Emmaline that we kept it in, and she gave me a small percentage."

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