Fleetwood Mac's 50 Greatest Songs

From British blues to California rock, from smooth sunshine to the most haunting breakup epics ever

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22. "Second Hand News"

Provisionally titled "Strummer," the opening track on Rumours began as an instrumental, apparently because Buckingham didn't want to worry Nicks with its wounded lyrics. Intrigued by the chugging rhythms found in the Bee Gees' then-current hit "Jive Talkin'," Buckingham sought to inject a slight disco groove into the song. To achieve the desired percussive effect, he pounded the seat of a Naugahyde chair found in the studio. "Lindsey was the accent king," Ken Caillat marveled. "He could accent with guitars, he could accent with toms, he could accent with Naugahyde chairs."

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